1. Business Meetings:

A. The annual meeting of the church shall be in January. The fiscal year of the church will be from January 1st to December 31st

B. Members in good standing, eighteen years of age or over, may act and vote in all business meetings of this Church.

C. All business of the church shall be handled “decently and in order.” The moderator shall be appointed by the Ministry Team.

D. Only the business presented on the official meeting agenda shall be discussed and acted on. Members can submit items for the agenda, in writing, to any Ministry Team member. The written request must be received one week prior to the posting of the agenda. Business meeting agenda’s will be posted two weeks prior to the meeting.

E. It is expected that the Pastor, staff and any paid employees shall absent themselves from that part of any meeting that directly affects them.


2. Special Meetings:

The Pastor or two-thirds (2/3) of the Ministry Team or any twelve voting members in good standing may call a special meeting by giving notice of such meeting and the purpose for which it was called from the pulpit at least ten days prior to said meeting. The Ministry Team must approve the agenda for the special meeting.

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