The Ministry Team

The Ministry Team will consist of the Senior Pastor, and the Elder–Deacon Team. They shall work together to provide general guidance for the Church in harmony with Scriptural directives and the Constitution, and shall meet at least quarterly.


1. The Senior Pastor:

A) Qualifications: The Pastor shall be an ordained minister of the Gospel or a man who will become ordained no later than two years from his call to this Church. He must be able to teach and preach as well as meet the qualifications for an elder. He must be in agreement with the spirit and doctrinal position of the Church. Assistant or Associate Ministers, as may be called, shall meet the above qualifications except they need not be ordained.


B) Appointment: The Pastor shall be chosen for an indefinite period of time. The Pastor shall be hired with a signed employment contract that is negotiated with the Elder-Deacon Team. When a vacancy occurs in the pastorate, the Pastoral Search Team, after thorough investigation, shall recommend to the Church a candidate to fill the vacancy. The candidate shall be given the Constitution and must declare his willingness to abide by its boundaries before he may candidate. Notice of intention to vote on the calling of a Pastor must be given from the pulpit at least two (2) weeks prior to the appointment. Voting must be by secret ballot. The quorum for calling a Pastor shall be 30% of all active members. The Pastor shall be called on the basis of an 80% majority of all active members. In any event, the candidate shall be notified of the vote. The candidate must respond to the call issued within two (2) weeks from the time he is notified or it will be assumed he is not interested and another candidate will be sought.


C) Duties:

1. The Pastor is the under shepherd of Christ’s local Church and shall perform all the duties of an elder. The Pastor shall be the key visionary leader and he shall work in concert with the church staff and Ministry Team. In addition, he shall preach the Word, lead the Church staff, and tenderly shepherd the membership and lead it in fulfillment of its purposes. He shall at all times live a godly life and keep himself free from tasks that can be accomplished by the membership in order to give himself more completely to prayer, study and the preaching of the Word (Acts 6:4; 1 Peter 5:2-3; 1 Tim. 4:9-16).


2. The Pastor, by virtue of his office, shall be the chairman of the Ministry Team, and an ex-officio member of all teams and ministries with the exception of the Pastoral Search Team. This ex-officio membership status does not mean that the Pastor must feel he must attend every meeting.


3. The Pastor, in conjunction with the Ministry Team, shall appoint additional church staff members as necessary.


D) Resignation of Employment:

Should the Pastor desire resignation from employment; a minimum of 30 day’s notice shall be given in writing to the Ministry Team. The minimum 30-day period may be shortened by mutual consent of the Pastor and Ministry Team.


E) Termination of Employment:

No action by the Church to terminate employment of the Pastor shall be taken without thorough investigation and consultation (including the Southwest CBA office) by the remaining Ministry Team members, and ultimately a recommendation for dismissal by the remaining Ministry Team to the church members.


In the case of the remaining Ministry Team’s recommendation to dismiss a Pastor, notice in writing must be given to the membership a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the time of voting. During the investigative process, the Pastor may be temporarily relieved of his duties pending completion of the investigation.


The Church may by two-thirds (2/3) vote of a quorum and a simple majority of the membership present declare the position vacant. The Pastor shall have the right to attend this meeting to present his side of the issue. Voting is to be by secret ballot. The beginning of a thirty-day notice of termination of employment to the Pastor is automatic and will commence the day following the vote of termination by Church.


An official written notice of the termination shall be prepared by the remaining Ministry Team members and provided to the Pastor within one week of the vote by the membership, identifying the termination date. If the membership votes against termination, the original request for termination shall be considered as dismissed.


After notice of termination is given, and a moral or doctrinal issue is involved, the remaining Ministry Team members may elect to relieve the Pastor of any further service to the Church, but continue his pay to the end of the thirty- (30) – day period.


2. Elder–Deacon Team:


A) Qualifications:

First Timothy chapter three and Titus chapter one describe the qualifications for the Elder–Deacon Team. He (the Elder) or he/she (the Deacon, Deaconess) must be at least twenty-one years of age, and a member of Grace Community Church in good standing for at least one year.


B) Roles:

The Elder–Deacon Team serves the Pastor, church staff, and congregation by undertaking those areas of service necessary for the Church’s functioning that would otherwise prohibit the Pastor and church staff from carrying out their Biblical day to day responsibilities. Scripture does not give specific on-going duties apart from a basic description of service. This is probably because service needs change, and so the role of Elder–Deacon Team should be flexible and fluid to meet the Church’s changing needs and dynamics.



C) Duties:

Members of the Elder–Deacon Team should offer strong leadership to the Church by doing, but not limited to, the following:


1. Provide leadership in the areas of prayer, Bible study, teaching, and aid the Pastor and Church staff in decision-making concerning the overall direction of the church

2. Visit members and friends of the Church who are ill, shut-in, undergoing crisis, or in need of fellowship.

3. Provide oversight of the building and grounds (janitorial, maintenance, and capital improvements)

4. Provide oversight of the regular budgetary functions by appointing and working in concert with qualified personnel such as a church treasurer and/or church clerk.

5. Aid in the preparation of the annual budget

6. Serve as an active member of the Ministry Team


D) Appointments:

Members of the Elder–Deacon Team shall be appointed by the Ministry Team and confirmed by a vote of affirmation from the church membership. An affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of a quorum and a simple majority of the church membership present shall constitute an affirming majority.


E) Term of Office:

Members of the Elder–Deacon Team are appointed for one term of three years. After that term has been completed, the individual must rotate off the Ministry Team for one year. The number of Elder–Deacon Team members shall be determined by the needs of the church as determined by the Ministry Team.

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