1. Reception:

An individual may be received into membership upon fulfilling the following requirements:

A. Make a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior
B. Agree with the doctrinal statements in this Constitution
C. Agree to follow the direction of the Elders of this church

Membership in this church does not preclude full membership in another church. Membership in this church comes with full right of voting and eligibility for leadership positions.

2. Discipline:

Discipline is that procedure including Christian teaching, training, admonition and rebuke, public and/or private, with the view of helping the individual Christian grow in grace, mature in the faith, cease from conduct unbecoming to a child of God and live wholly unto the Lord. At such time that a member shall refuse to receive and act on such help, it will become necessary for the church to exclude him/her from its membership (Matt. 18:15-20, 1 Cor. 5, Gal. 6:1).

3. Removal:

An individual may be removed from membership in one of three ways:

A. By transfer/request
B. By dismissal due to a refusal to demonstrate commitment to the member’s covenant
C. By inactivity. Any member who fails to participate in the life of this church for a period of one year (unless caused by a special situation – e.g. military service) will removed from the church roll

4. Restoration:

Any person who has been removed from membership in this church by dismissal or inactivity may be restored to membership upon evidence of repentance and reformation, and by affirmation of the membership indicated by a passing vote.

5. Pastor’s Membership:

The Pastor and his wife shall become active members of this church upon acceptance of their call. Once the Pastor and his wife resign from his position in this church they are no longer members of this fellowship and therefore have given up their privileges of membership.

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